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swarming in the glow


Growing up in Durham, NC the sounds of the local country station and his grandmother's eight track tapes were the background music of his childhood. "I can remember being just tall enough to look over the edge of the kitchen counter to see that old transistor radio that was always playing Johnny Cash, Lorreta Lynn, or Hank Williams. I guess that stuff has been burned into my soul."

Chris moved to Chapel Hill where he lived throughout the 90's, playing bass, singing and sharing song writing duties for the indie band Queen Sarah Saturday. He picked up the bass again to record and tour with Collapsis.

As the aughts closed in the lure of the road began to fade and Chris did what most retired bass players do. He became a chef.

After a twenty year hiatus he has teamed up with his former bandmate Ryan Pickett to record "all the songs that won't leave me alone".


His first solo record, Swarming in the Glow, is a collection of songs written over the course of two decades. His acoustic finger picking plucks into being a piedmont of sound, spiked with flashes of pedal steel, rolling piano and swathes of cello. His influences bob and weave throughout with shades of the Replacements, Springsteen, and Gram Parsons. 


 And lyrically the stories are all true.

          swarming in the glow, may 25th, 2019                            

All songs written by Chris Holloway, All rights reserved


Recorded and mixed by Ryan Pickett at Pick’s Gym, Durham, NC, 2018

Produced by Chris Holloway and Ryan Pickett


Chris Holloway (Vocals- Guitar) Devin Fuller (Drums)  John Orlando (Upright Bass)


Greg Readling – Pedal Steel – Piano 

John Teer – Violin – Mandolin

Leah Gibson - Cello

Jim Henderson – Tenor, Alto, Soprano  Saxaphones 

George Allen- Trumpet

Ryan Pickett, Sam Clowney - Guitars

Scott Carle – Percussion

Shepard Brown – Pedal Steel

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